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The Cult working on new album with Bob Rock

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the cult

The Cult report that they are in the studio, with producer Bob Rock, putting the finishing touches on material for their new album.

The band’s ninth release is tentatively due in early 2012 via Cooking Vinyl Records.

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Slayer writing a new record

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Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo issued an update on his experimental project Philm, which will release music via Mike Patton’s Ipecac Records. While fans are psyched that Lombardo’s other project is in the mixing stage, he did share an even bigger nugget of info about his main band, Slayer.

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Nickelback – Here and now lyrics

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nickelback - here and now

1. “This means war”
2. “Bottoms up”
3. “When we stand together”
4. “Midnight queen”
5. “Gotta get me some”
6. “Lullaby”
7. “Kiss it goodbye”
8. “Trying not to love you”
9. “Holding on to heaven”
10. “Everything i wanna do”
11. “Don’t ever let it end”

Nickelback – Here and now lyrics

Rex Brown (ex-Pantera, ex-Down) talks

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rex brown

Rex Brown was always the mysterious member of Pantera. While Vinnie Paul and Dimebag brought the balls-out metal party every night, and Phil Anselmo was the charismatic, if controversial, lead singer with a million side projects, Rex Brown was more of enigma. Obviously his input was present in Pantera’s power groove—few groups relied so much on the thick, propulsive bass at metal’s core—and later, in Down’s southern sludge, but at the end of the day, Rex seemed more content to stay largely out of the public eye.

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Jane’s Addiction – The great escape artist lyrics

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jane's addiction - the great escape artist

1. “Underground”
2. “End to the lies”
3. “Curiosity kills”
4. “Irresistible force”
5. “I’ll hit you back”
6. “Twisted tales”
7. “Ultimate reason”
8. “Splash a little water”
9. “Broken people”
10. “Words right out of my mouth”

Jane’s Addiction – The great escape artist lyrics

Corey Taylor about new Stone Sour album

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corey taylor

Corey Taylor has a busy year ahead of him. In addition to his upcoming solo tour, and 2012 dates with Slipknot in Australia and the U.S., the singer-guitarist said he’s planning to get back in the studio with his other band, Stone Sour.

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Steven Wilson – Grace for drowning lyrics

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steven wilson - grace for drowning

1. “Grace for drowning”
2. “Sectarian”
3. “Deform to form a star”
4. “No part of me”
5. “Postcard”
6. “Raider prelude”
7. “Remainder the black dog”
8. “Belle de jour”
9. “Index”
10. “Track one”
11. “Raider II”
12. “Like dust i have cleared from my eye”

Steven Wilson – Grace for drowning lyrics