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The Airborne Toxic Event – All at once lyrics added!

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the airborne toxic event -  all at once lyrics

1. “All at once”
2. “Numb”
3. “Changing”
4. “All for a woman”
5. “It doesn”t mean a thing”
6. “The kids are ready to die”
7. “Welcome to your wedding day”
8. “Half of something else”
9. “Strange girl”
10. “All i ever wanted”
11. “The graveyard near the house”​irborne-toxic-event/all-at-once-lyrics.h​tml


Jane’s Addiction to preview music next week

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jane's addiction

Jane”s Addiction will premiere their new single “Irresistible Force” on Los Angeles radio station KROQ”s morning radio show “The Kevin & Bean Show,” next Tuesday August 2nd, a day ahead of its official digital release.
The song is taken from the band”s new album The Great Escape Artist (Capitol Records). Marking the first new studio album in eight years by Perry Farrell, Dave Navarro and Stephen Perkins, it is due out Tuesday, September 29.


Pearl Jam and Soundgarden jam

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pearl jam and soundgarden jam

It was getting hard to tell which band was on stage at the Forum in Los Angeles Friday night, as Soundgarden were joined by Pearl Jam guitarist Mick McCready.

With PJ drummer Matt Cameron doing double-duty in both bands these days, McCready’s guest spot could have gone in a few different directions…into a song by either band, a Temple Of The Dog track, or a cover on its own.


Cold – Superfiction lyrics added!

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cold - superfiction lyrics

1. “Wicked world”
2. “What happens right now”
3. “American dream”
4. “The break”
5. “Welcome2MyWorld”
6. “Emily”
7. “Crossroads”
8. “Delivering the saints”
9. “So long june”
10. “The park”
11. “Flight of the superstar”
12. “The ballad of the nameless”