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Wednesday 13 – Calling all corpses lyrics

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wednesday 13 - calling all corpses

1. “Blood fades to black”
2. “I wanna be cremated”
3. “Ghoul of my dreams”
4. “One knife stand”
5. “Calling all corpses”
6. “Miss morgue”
7. “Silver bullets”
8. “Bad at being human”
9. “London aftermidnight”
10. “Candle for the devil”
11. “We all die”
12. “Something wicked this way comes”

Wednesday 13 – Calling all corpses lyrics


Alice In Chains new album possible for 2012

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alice in chains

Last we heard, Alice in Chains were hard at work on material for their second album since the death of original vocalist Layne Staley. There’s no doubt the album will be one of the year’s best — the only question we have is will we hear the album in 2012?

The past five years saw the return of many of the most beloved rock acts of the 1990′s — Stone Temple Pilots, Smashing Pumpkins, Bush, Soundgarden, and of course Alice in Chains. Though they had tragically lost the main voice of the band when Layne Staley died after years of substance abuse — they found new life with Comes with the Fall vocalist William DuVall and released their first album in 14 years. ‘Black Gives Way to Blue’ silenced many of the skeptics and was easily one of the best rock albums of 2009, earning AIC two Grammy nods for ‘Best Hard Rock Performance.’

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Van Halen tease album release date?

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van halen album

In addition to announcing plans to hit the road in 2012, Van Halen have also seemed to hint at details of their much-anticipated reunion album. The disc could very well hit stores Feb. 7, if the graphic to the left is any indication of what the band has in store for fans.

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Ryan Adams – Ashes & fire lyrics

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ryan adams - ashes & fire

1. “Dirty rain”
2. “Ashes & fire”
3. “Come home”
4. “Rocks”
5. “Do i wait”
6. “Chains of love”
7. “Invisible riverside”
8. “Save me”
9. “Kindness”
10. “Lucky now”
11. “I love you but i don’t know what to say”

Ryan Adams – Ashes & fire lyrics

Metallica offering up recording of anniversary gig

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Metallica recently celebrated their 30th Anniversary with a series of fan club shows at the Fillmore in San Francisco.

MetClub members could see individual shows at the legendary venue (capacity 1,200) for $6, or all four for $19.81, in honor of the 30 year mark.

Metallica are now making Night 1 of the series available to fans.

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Radiohead to release new songs

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Radiohead fans should set their alarm clocks to get up early this coming Monday (Dec. 19), as the band have announced they will release two fresh songs that morning: “The Daily Mail” and “Staircase.” As reported by At Ease, the tracks, which were taped during studio sessions for the group’s latest album, The King of Limbs, will be available via the music streaming service Deezer starting next Monday. Let the countdown begin.

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My Ruin – A southern revelation lyrics

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my ruin - a southern revelation

1. “Tennessee Elegy”
2. “Highly Explosive”
3. “Walk Of Shame”
4. “Deconsecrated”
5. “Middle Finger”
6. “Vultures”
7. “Seventh Sacrament”
8. “Reckoning”
9. “The Soulless Beast”
10. “Mean Street”

My Ruin – A southern revelation lyrics

Metallica release new EP

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Metallica celebrated their 30th birthday last week with a star-studded celebration in San Francisco but they have now given their fans a birthday present with the release of a new EP.

The band”s official site had these details: Last week we celebrated our 30th anniversary together with Fan Club members from around the world by playing four nights at the historic Fillmore in San Francisco

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Korn – The path of totality lyrics

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korn - the path of totality

1. “Chaos lives in everything”
2. “Kill mercy within”
3. “My wall”
4. “Narcissistic cannibal”
5. “Illuminati”
6. “burn the obedient”
7. “Sanctuary”
8. “Let’s go”
9. “Get up!”
10. “Way to far”
11. “Blleding out”
12. “Fuels the comedy”
13. “Tension”

Korn – The path of totality lyrics

Tool recording new album

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Tool fans will be very thankful for the news that the group begin tracking their new album over the Thanksgiving holiday.
The band”s latest newsletter had there humorous details: At a time when the headlines are dominated by frenzied Amish beard clippers, whooping cough and Occupy Wall Street (Forget that – how about Occupy the Playboy Mansion, all you 69 per centers!), rather than discuss the thawing permafrost, Sandusky, or baffling Gamma ray bursts, how about some exciting TOOL-RELATED NEWS…

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