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Testament – Brotherhood of the snake

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Testament - Brotherhood of the snake

1. Brotherhood of the snake
2. The pale king
3. Stronghold
4. Seven seals
5. Born in a rut
6. Centuries of suffering
7. Black jack
8. Neptune’s spear
9. Canna-business
10. The number game

Testament – Brotherhood of the snake

Testament – The dark roots of earth lyrics

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testament - the dark roots of earth

1. “Rise up”
2. “Native blood”
3. “Dark roots of earth”
4. “True american hate”
5. “A day in the death”
6. “Cold embrance”
7. “Man kills mankind”
8. “Throne of thorns”
9. “Last stand for independence”

Testament – The dark roots of earth lyrics
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Testament ready to write and record!

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Testament are back from the American Carnage tour with Slayer and Megadeth and are ready to begin writing and recording their follow up to The Formation of Damnation.

“The American Carnage tour was great for us, but now is the time for us to hold off on performing and go full steam ahead on getting the record finished,” says vocalist Chuck Billy. “We currently have studio time booked at the end of this year, and we’re shooting for a mid-2011 release. The new album will most likely be a culmination of The Gathering and The Formation of Damnation, but we’re definitely not going to forget who we are or our roots. I think we’ve found a comfortable spot in our writing style.” more info!