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Dave Eleffson release new book

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dave eleffson

Megadeth co-founder Dave Ellefson has announced the Spring release of “Unsung,” his brand new book featuring original lyrics and images never before published.

His site had these details: Dark, light, inquisitive and inspirational, “Unsung” expresses a uniquely diverse side to David’s creativity. He enthuses that, “as a musician, my past lyrical work has always been set to music. But, with this new book I set out to explore a new medium using both words and images as the canvas for an exciting new mosaic of storytelling.”

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Megadeth – Thirteen lyrics added!

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megadeth - thirteen

1. “Sudden death”
2. “Public enemy no. 1”
3. “Whose life (is it anyways?)”
4. “We the people”
5. “Guns, drugs & money”
6. “Never death”
7. “New world order”
8. “Fast lane”
9. “Black swan”
10. “Wrecker”
11. “Millenium of the blind”
12. “Deadly nightshade”
13. “13”

Megadeth – Thirteen lyrics

It was a good time to come back to Megadeth

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When Megadeth broke up in 2002, it marked the end of an era. Founded in 1983 by bassist Dave Ellefson and frontman Dave Mustaine, after the latter’s expulsion from Metallica, the group pioneered the thrash metal genre. Mustaine would later restart Megadeth, but without his old partner, Ellefson—until last year, when the 46-year-old bassist rejoined the band to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Rust in Peace album.


Megadeth to celebrate Peace sells…

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(gibson) Fresh off last year’s Rust in Peace anniversary tour (as well as the wildly successful “Big Four” tour), Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine is pondering how to celebrate the silver anniversary of one of the band’s other landmark albums, Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying?!