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Judas Priest – Redeemer of souls album lyrics

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judas priest redeemer of souls album

1. “Dragonaut”
2. “Redeemer of souls”
3. “Halls of valhalla”
4. “Sword of damocles”
5. “March of the damned”
6. “Down in flames”
7. “Hell & back”
8. “Cold blooded”
9. “Metalizer”
10. “Crossfire”
11. “Secrets of the dead”
12. “Battle cry”
13. “Beginning of the end”
14. “Snakebite”
15. “Tears of blood”
16. “Creatures”
17. “Bring it on”
18. “Never forget”

Judas Priest – Redeemer of souls album lyrics

Judas Priest almost hired Sebastian Bach

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judas priest

In recent months, we’ve heard stories of ‘name’ singers turning down offers to join huge bands: Steven Tyler claims he turned down Led Zeppelin, while Sammy Hagar claims he turned down everyone from Aerosmith to Motley Crue to Velvet Revolver.


Judas Priest to tour 2011

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Judas Priest

Judas Priest guitarist K.K. Downing updates fans on the band’s plans for next year and reminisces about the past, via his latest blog post:

“It seems that the time has come for us to put the touring wheels in motion for our next world tour in 2011!

It’s funny but these days around – about this time – I can’t help but reflect on the past when we had to load the touring van ourselves. Sometimes in the ice and snow, being afraid that we would get frostbites on our fingers and not be able to play the gig!”