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Led Zeppelin unreleased single

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Led Zeppelin unreleased single

Led Zeppelin will release a limited edition 7″ single featuring previously unheard mixes of “Rock And Roll” and “Friends” as part of Record Store Day 2018 on April 21. The previously unreleased version of “Rock And Roll” provides an additional peek into the fabled 1971 “Sunset Sound Mixes” of “Led Zeppelin IV”… Led Zeppelin unreleased single.


Smashing Pumpkins reunion controversy

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Smashing Pumpkins reunion controversy

With some sort of big news coming from Smashing Pumpkins tomorrow – possibly the title and release date of their next album – the band wants to clarify a popular misconception. The reason original bassist D’arcy Wretzky is not taking part in the Pumpkins reunion album has nothing to do with the remaining band members… Smashing Pumpkins reunion controversy.

Chuck Berry doc and biopic coming

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Chuck Berry doc and biopic coming

The life and music of Chuck Berry, one of the forefathers of rock and roll, will be chronicled in two upcoming projects – a full-length documentary and a biopic. Both are being made with the full cooperation of the late rocker’s estate. Berry, who died March 18, 2017, was a flamboyant and innovative guitarist… Chuck Berry doc and biopic coming.

Tom Petty died from accidental overdose

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Tom Petty died from accidental overdose

The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner has determined that Tom Petty died last fall as a result of “multisystem organ failure” caused by an accidental drug overdose of several medications. The Gainesville, FL singer passed away October 2 at the age of 66 in a Santa Monica, CA hospital… Tom Petty died from accidental overdose.

Motorhead founder “Fast” Eddie dies

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The final founding member of Motorhead, guitarist “Fast” Eddie Clarke, has died at the age of 67. The iconic rocker died on Monday (January 10th) in a hospital where he was receiving treatment for pneumonia… Motorhead founder “Fast” Eddie dies.

Judas Priest unleash music video

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Judas Priest unleash music video

After teasing fans last week, Judas Priest have released their brand new music video for the single “Lightning Strike”, which comes from their forthcoming album “Firepower” (out March 9th). Frontman Rob Halford has told (via Gibson) about Firepower… Judas Priest unleash music video.

Van Hale star solo album preview

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Van Hale star solo album preview

Eddie Van Halen’s song Wolfgang is streaming a brief audio preview of a track from his forthcoming debut solo album. The Van Halen bassist is reportedly playing everything on his debut – from guitars, drums and bass to keyboards and vocals… Van Hale star solo album preview.