Killswitch Engage made Jesse Leach audition

killswitch engage

Killswitch Engage didn’t just ask their original frontman Jesse Leach to rejoin the band after the departure of Howard Jones, they made him audition.
The band posted a new group photo with Leach on their website earlier this week, alerting fans to the reunion and now they have sent out official word about Leach’s return:

Leach sang on the band’s first self-titled album, which came out in 2000, and on their landmark 2002 Roadrunner debut Alive or Just Breathing. Leach left the band in 2002 and was replaced by Howard Jones, but his work on Alive or Just Breathing has always been revered by diehard, longtime KsE fans. Things have come full circle a decade later, and Leach and the band couldn’t be more pleased about this reunion.

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